My, what a ‘Shiny’ Flexdashboard you have!

February 17, 2021…

Today, I engaged in learning a simple implementation of the ‘Shiny’, ‘Flexdashboard’, and ‘Plotly’ packages in the R programming language.

The impetus for this activity was a December 30, 2020 posting on the website, “Toward Data Science” ( by Nata Berishvili entitled, “Create an Interactive Dashboard with Shiny, Flexdashboard, and Plotly: A step-by-step guide to building your first interactive dashboard.” (

It was definitely a “step-by-step” approach — which is how I prefer to learn new technologies!

When I am able to create a distinct version of the dashboard using my own data, and my own code script, I will post that here, as well as on GitHub, as one of my first personal “projects” in my journey toward developing skills as a Data Scientist.

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